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About Emma

Colour Analysis and Personal Style Coaching

Congratulations for choosing to view the ColourGirl site

The key ingredients to a new and inspiring you... 

is to simply add a splash of colour!

Surrounding yourself with colour has the wonderful ability to change your emotions and feelings.

You will already be drawn to an array of colours for both yourself and your surroundings.

My role is to introduce complimentary colours which you will then be able to wear confidently in appropriately styled outfits.

Together we can rejuvenate your wardrobe and I will reassure you of what already works well for you and what we might need to replace.

We are constantly changing, celebrate those changes and learn to accept them and make them work in your favour.

Body contouring profiling will teach you the secrets about accentuating your best assets.

"I am thrilled to be able to pass on my enthusiasm and knowledge for both colour and fashion to empower others.

This is the essence of Colour Girl."

Emma Gibbs



I was a stay-at-home Mum for 10 years and I had not been able to work out a new style for myself now I have a tummy and a few extra bits.  Also I  did not have any confidence in myself when it came to shopping and I started to wear a standard uniform of jeans and t-shirts and it became common for me to wear exercise gear all day whether I was planning on exercising or not!

When I started working I scraped together a winter wardrobe which at best could be described as piecemeal – all black based.  Last summer I asked Emma to personal shop with me and I must admit I was very apprehensive as I was convinced nothing would look good on me, Emma reassured me we would find colourful, feminine clothing that I would look great in and boy, did she deliver.

I have had compliments from complete strangers, a stunning dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, work clothes that make me feel professional, a weekend wardrobe I feel comfortable in and most importantly confidence in myself and a re-kindled interest in clothing and how I look.

Emma was mindful of my budget and was so patient and encouraging - we had three hours and it was so enjoyable, like shopping with a friend.  One of my close friends has noticed such a change in me that she is also going to book in with Emma.

Michelle Blom

Booking in for a session with Emma (The ColourGirl) was one of the best decisions I ever made. Emma was professional, highly skilled, fun, kind and patient. She not only gave me the confidence to try new colours and styles, she taught me how to think differently about fashion and to love mixing and matching (on a budget). I have learnt to walk into shops with different eyes and to enjoy what I wear and buy. Emma was so great, I took my teenage daughter to see her too! Emma helps you feel great on the outside and the inside :)

Jo Grant


Emma, my mother, daughter and I really enjoyed our afternoon with you exploring 'our colours.' It was great to see my mother looking fabulous with stronger colours, and it is obvious from my daughter's current wardrobe she took all the advice on board. She now wears clothing much better suited to her and looks fantastic! 

I loved our shopping trip and find myself shopping in a very different way now. My eyes are busy scanning for colours as I enter a shop. I've had great compliments about some of my recent purchases and feel so much more confident in my choices. Thank you so much. 

Kathy Jordan Teacher

"Colour Girl" is the perfect name for Emma"s business....

Emma's enthusiastic and effervescent personality and flair for choosing and wearing colour means your consultation will not be wasted. Your time spent with Emma is focussed, uplifting and refreshing. You will leave with a knowledge of the colours that suit you and a renewed passion for feeling good about yourself!

Hilary Burrows 



Emma Gibbs

729 Marine Drive, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt 5013

New Zealand

0274 599235

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