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Colour and Style Services 

Colour is making a come back! Colour is one of our biggest forms of non verbal communication. It affects how we look and feel and how others feel about us. As artist Paul Klee said, “one eye sees and the other feels.” Choosing the right colours can make you feel more confident and optimistic and look younger, slimmer, healthier and more exciting. Harness the power of colour to enhance your natural beauty and transform your life.

Everyone can wear colour – but not everyone can wear the same value and intensity (or purity) of colour. Once your best fit colour category has been determined you will enjoy learning how simple it is to naturally and youthfully enhance your looks using the correct colours and application for your skin tone and facial features.


During your Colour Analysis Consultation you will learn:

  • What colours best suit your complexion, eye and hair colour

  • How to combine colours to suit your appearance and personality

  • What messages colours are sending out!

  • How to look more vibrant, healthy and younger

  • How to successfully combine colours to create a signature look that matches your life style

  • How to make your way through the hundreds of options available to find exactly the right colour to enhance your natural colouring.


You will receive:

  • A personal colour swatch

  • A folder of colour information

  • Your own personal colour story

  • New confidence!


Personal Shopping with Emma

Next time you’re in the market to buy a new outfit take me! I’ll give you an objective, unbiased opinion and encourage you to try things you’ve always wanted to but never thought you could. We’ll have fun and you’ll gain the satisfaction that comes from knowing your purchases make you look great. Money and time spent purchasing things that don’t suit you or you don’t need will be a thing of the past. Shop for success and have a great time doing it.


During your shopping trip you will:

  • Be taken to your favourite shops to find outfits that suit YOU.

  • Introduced to new and exciting shops that will suit your style

  • First class service from your stylist and shop assistants while you try on garments


You will receive:

  • Personalised shopping information – including best places to shop and must have items

  • Tips on how to save time and money while you shop

  • Extra encouragement and renewed confidence!

*Please note: if you are a new client you will need to have a minimum 1 hour consultation before the Personal Shopping trip to discover your exact needs. To really get value for money get your personal colours and body shape analysed before you come – oh and we really should audit your wardrobe to see what you’ve already got and what you need.

All to help bring out the best in you and assist you with any future shopping.

Colour workshops

Get a taste of what colour and style is all about. With a group of friends or colleagues you can gather together over a coffee or glass of wine (6 people maximum). And each will receive a personal colour analysis and your very own colour palate swatch to keep in your handbag for guidance.

This is a fun way to team build and a morale boosting exercise.

A great way to learn about what suits you in an environment that is more relaxed and informal, also it enhances social interaction and communication.

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